More Than Just Furniture


Our team looks beyond the products within your space and looks at the environment. We not only want to provide a space that it’s users will enjoy, but also support the space and the people within them.  That’s why our service capabilities expand far beyond the realm of furniture and offer tailored solutions that will fit your company’s needs.


Workplace Ideation
Conceptual Application
Change Management
Workplace Research
Workstyle Assessments
Departmental Programming

 Contract Furniture
Design & Procurement Services
400+ Manufacturers
National & Local Contracts
Standards Development

Collaborative Technology
Consulting Services
Collaborative Sharing
Video Conferencing
Sound Masking
Room Management
Digital Signage

Architectural Products
Moveable Walls
Access Flooring
Modular Power

Service & Project Management
Logistic Services
Installation & Maintenance
Timeline Development & Coordination
Delivery & Installation Management
Site Inspection & Punch List
Pre-Install Walkthrough
Punch List Preparation
Order Tracking and Scheduling
Pre & Post Occupancy Reporting

Furniture Liquidation
Service Warranty & Repair
Ergonomic Assessments
Product Demonstration
Day Two Maintenance
Field Dimensioning


Cloud Services
Standards Management
Order Status & History
Online Reporting
Online Service Requests

Asset Management
Inventory Monitoring
Bar Code Tracking
Real-Time Reporting
Climate Controlled Warehousing

Move Services
Relocation & Planning
Master Scheduling
Vendor Coordination
Employee Preparation