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Recognize this scene?  Yup, at one point or another, all of us have experienced a long-drawn out and "exciting" conference meeting. What else do you see?  Notice the snazzy whiteboard and flipchart easel.  What about the pen and paper in hand?   Looks like a productive meeting, right?  Not so much. 

Today, meeting spaces can take on a whole new look and function.  In our global economy, exchanging information over a mobile workforce is becoming more and more prevalent, and holding face-to-face meetings across a conference room table is not necessarily the norm.  In fact, 79% of people work in virtual teams, according to Rick Puskar, SVP of Customer Experience & Services for Unify.  So how do organizations accommodate virtual collaboration while still building a sense of community for those who may never meet in person?  It’s collaborative technology that plays a pivotal role in this process.  And here’s how.


Increased Flexibility

The number one way companies collaborate remotely is via conference phone.  Years ago we relied on that black triangular mechanism with all the wires sitting in the middle of the conference table to connect with team members across the world.   Yes, it gave us access to virtual communication, but man, it was a pain to use and it looked, well…… ugly.  The Evoko Minto is today’s best answer to the conference phone.   The wireless device operates with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and connects through Bluetooth or cable in just seconds.   Not only is it a stylish design, but it is completely portable and can be transferred from space to space as needed.  When not in use, it can be left hanging on the wall in a sleek charging device that generates power for up to two weeks.  Or better yet, connect it to iTunes and stream music through the remarkable speaker.

Improved Productivity

Who doesn’t want to complete tasks faster with greater efficiency and effectiveness?  Said no one.  Bluescape is the ultimate collaborative technology tool that is a game changer for organizations yearning to reduce time and effort while leveraging innovation throughout a project’s life.  Bluescape is a virtual workspace available to teams anytime, anywhere, from any device.  It brings together all the content in a central place where members can meet, share and develop ideas on a limitless canvas.  Lookout Minority Report!


Maximize Utilization

The second largest expense next to a company’s employees is real estate.  With workers being mobile both inside the office walls and outside the office walls, it is crucial to know what amount of real estate is needed to meet a company needs at just the right time.  Having accurate and reliable data that measures space usage can give business leaders insight to best manage their real estate portfolio and power to maximize utilization.   Luckily, there is a simple sensor based solution that can measure just that.  Freespace is a cloud based system that analyzes real time data and provides deep insight about space usage, environment conditions and user behavior.   By eliminating unused, unneeded and underutilized space and it’s energy costs, its estimated that a company with 20,000 workers reducing vacancy by 20% would save $40M per year.  Now that’s a savings!


With the way we work, connect, exchange information, and monitor success, it is vital to integrate these collaborative technologies to give us better insight into the spaces we work in. 


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Michelle Eckhart
Director of Ideation
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